PNW Snowpocalypse

We get a few inches of snow each year. Usually it's for a day or two and everyone goes crazy and out come the sleds and snow gear. We try and enjoy every minute of it because here in Oregon, it doesn't last long at all. This past week was that moment of excitement for us! Yes, I know we can just drive to Mt Hood and we can find all the snow we want. But when you have kids it starts to get harder to jump in the car and go! So you can only imagine how happy we were to have snow come right to our front door this year! 

We currently live in a top floor apartment, so when Owen saw the snow he immediately wanted to go jump around in it and stomp in his little moccasins. So I let him, until his poor fingers turned into tiny tomatoes! So we called up his cousins to come over and play in the snow and we bundled up and went out to explore. 

I love that the older he gets, the more adventurous he becomes. Last year when we had our one day of snow, we took him outside and he ran around for a few minutes but that's all he could handle. This year, he did NOT want to come back inside! His cousins brought over a little sled and they flew down the side of the hill with him over and over. 

I'm so glad we had a few inches of snow hit our little town, all the neighbor kids were out playing and building snowmen, it was so much fun to feel like a kid again! We get so wrapped up in work and bills and adulting. But days like this are what remind us to take time to spend with family and really put work aside every now and then. 

And this little guy led the pack everywhere! He did not slow down the entire day. I love watching his excitement for new things, especially when he's the youngest one around right now and looks up to the bigger kids. Moments like this I remember how little he really is and I savor every second of it. 

I'm so glad we had a good amount of snow visit us, it's almost melted now and I look back at the photos and am so thankful we live in an area that get's many different kinds of weather. It definitely keeps things interesting for us around here!