Rainy Day

We live in Oregon. We see about 8 months of rain each year, so we're pro's at staying busy indoors when it's too ugly to play outside. The past two years have been fairly easy since Owen was pretty young and was easily entertained. But now that he is 2.5 I've found myself in the craft section even MORE than I already am. I try to keep him away from the TV and let him do hands-on activities and it helps that I have a closet FULL of crafting supplies. I knew there would be a day that my popsicle stick stash and felt piles would come in handy!

I bought watercolor paints and paper awhile back, it was actually over a year ago when I thought I'd take up watercoloring. Never really had the time to do it, until now! And it's even more fun that Owen can do these things with me and we can learn together. 


I love how watercolor turns out, no matter how good you are at painting it always looks so pretty, the way the colors blend together. 

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Our table is pretty tall, so what you can't see here is Owen standing on a chair to reach the table and also not wearing pants. Another typical day at our house. The face he makes when he's super into his painting is the cutest thing ever. 

Sometimes it's been such a long day full of errands and plans, and when we get home we don't have the energy to bring out the paint supplies. So I have this large stash of craft EVERYTHING. From pom balls, to foil, to tissue paper, yarn and stickers. A childs dream. I grab a large piece of paper and a glue stick and let Owen go nuts glueing all sorts of things onto the paper. This is a nice quiet activity to wind down right before bedtime. Our poor coffee table has become just another craft table, it's covered with stickers and paint, glue and marker stains. Probably one of my favorite places in our home because it now has a lot of character and memories. 

If you haven't heard of water beads, now is the time to buy some for your kiddos. I came across them at Target one day in the kids section, and I threw a tube in the cart. When we got home, I pulled out some empty containers and let Owen sort the water beads. These are so much fun! They come in several colors, and they're about $5 per tube. You can also buy them on Amazon. Keep in mind that water beads like to bounce and run away, so I have to stay nearby and constantly chase after the beads. It's basically a free workout! Throw in some lunges and you'll thank me later. 

Land Of Nod: Design for Kids and People That Used to be Kids

I got lucky and Owen usually will play by himself all morning, he has a large variety of cars, balls and coloring books that keep him entertained for hours. 

I try and keep our craft projects for afternoons now that he doesn't nap anymore. I still can't believe he's old enough to stay awake all day every day! How do I feel like I need a nap more than he does! But that's what coffee is for ;)