Farmhouse Decor on Amazon

Ever since I can remember, I've LOVED decorating. When I was little, I decorated my pets. When I was a teenager, I decorated my room and anything I owned. When I lived on my own for the first time about 8 years ago, oh man. Nobody warned me how fun house shopping would be!! And every home I've lived in since that first apartment 8 long years ago, my taste for interior decorating has only improved. I mean, when you're 18 you just want to impress your friends but at the same time you're on a college student budget working minimum wage jobs. So my shopping was strictly limited and I only bought things that I really needed. As the years went by and each apartment/house I lived in got larger and nicer, I started to appreciate my homes more. About 3-4 years ago was when the farmhouse look really got stuck in my head and everywhere I went I tried to find things that I thought looked rustic or felt farm-y. And my craving for farmhouse decor has only gotten worse! 

So that's why I decided to make a short list of farmhouse decor online (If you're not an avid online shopper, you need to start now!) And what better place, than Amazon! Every time I need or want something new in my home, the first place I check is Amazon. It SERIOUSLY has the best prices and deals. And hello?! Two day shipping! Even better if you're an Amazon Prime member and you have FREE shipping. How can it get better than that! 

Alright, enough is enough. Check out these two lists I made for ya'll. It'll make you want to move to a big farmhouse and buy chickens. Okay I'm kidding. Maybe.. 

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