What I wish I would have put on my baby registry

Over 2 years have gone by since I had my son, and boy do I wish I had known better when it came to my baby registry. I mean, sure, first time mom's all go through the learning experience the same way. You don't REALLY know what to expect no matter what everyone tells you. Now, fast forward a couple years and I made a small list of items that I didn't have for my first baby. And you better believe each of these things will be in my shopping cart when I decide to have another baby! I don't know how we survived the first one without these. 

I didn't know much about Ergo baby carriers when I got pregnant. None of my friends used them and I was clueless how much of a lifesaver they are. Although I had really bad back problems after I gave birth, so I probably would've been in too much pain to use one anyway, but it would've been nice to have one around to try! We had a small front pack that was given to us, but it was for newborns and my son was born the size of a linebacker and only got bigger from there. Plus how cute are these new Ergo designs and colors?! I LOVE the teal one. It almost gives me baby fever thinking of all the pretty things I'm going to buy for baby #2.   

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